Why you should use a locksmith to install locks

While a carpenter or a good handyman can install most house locks – be sure to look for the advise and professionalism of a locksmith.

An experienced locksmith will have seen and handled many emergency situations including break-ins and burglaries. They can tell you in an instant what you need to do to secure your home, will recommend the locks that will keep your home safe and most likely what locks you should look at replacing.

Warding off criminals from your home or premises is key to your home security.  Preventing break-in though usually only becomes a priority when a break-in has been experienced first-hand.

Cheap external locks are recipe for disaster.  They are usually snapped, picked, bumped or drilled with the thieves having full access to your home in under a minute.

PVC Windows & Doors are another easy way for thieves to get in.  Even most ‘pvc window locks’ are rendered useless by the experienced criminal.  A couple of tugs with a crowbar will usually snap/bend out of shape any locks and the thief is in.

Internal locks and keys that are identical to all other houses on an estate is just another way for thieves to get through your house even if you lock all your internal doors.  Remember, any keys you can get ‘off the shelf’ a criminal can get just as easy and they are able to identify locks fast.

So, what your locksmith will tell you to do:

  • If you are moving into a new house/apartment or business premises – change all the locks.
  • Get a locksmith to do an evaluation of your home/premises and find out from him what you need to do to secure your home
  • Secure your valuables – if you are going out, put valuables in a safe or a secured space in your house.
  • Install visible deterrents on your home so thieves will automatically discount your property as an ‘easy catch’ and move on.

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