Lock Repairs Dublin

broken-lockLocksmiths Direct are specialists in repairing and replacing broken locks in Dublin. For Lock Repairs Dublin, contact us.

Often when a lock is broken, due to wear, a foreign object in the mechanism or having been damaged, repair or replacement is quite straightforward.

Most locks have barrels or certain regular parts about them that can easily be repair and replaced – no need to ditch the entire lock when you can get it repaired by a locksmith.

Just like anything else, locks are made or parts which can all be repaired or replaced.

Mortice deadlock

This would be your high security bolted lock.   Older houses without the ‘double glazing’ lock systems will have these.

Multi-point locking system

This is your more modern locking system that most modern houses would have, patio door ‘double glaze’ door system – where when you lock the door, multiple levers will lock the door.  The actual lock mechanism is a barrel lock but the multi-point locking system are more likely to go wrong as there is a lot to them.

Deadlatch lock

That’s your typical Yale lock that as you close the door, it locks the door automatically – like in a latch.

We will come to you so don’t worry about trying to take off your broken locks.  We are experienced locksmiths, having dealt with all types of locks.


Appliance Repairs

We are happy to recommend Appliance Repairs Dublin if you need any appliances, such as a washing machine or dryers fixed.




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