Q. Why should I choose Locksmiths Dublin Direct?

A. We are competent. Our locksmiths are fully trained and experienced. All are examined and vetted to ensure that they can perform with excellence. Our files are bulging with customer correspondence attesting precisely this point.

We are fast!

We love straight talk and straight results for our clients.

We are affordable and committed to predictable pricing.

Q. How do I call out an emergency locksmith for an immediate door opening service?

A. Simply pick up the phone and dial 01 441 9134 or 087 247 0207

Our office staff will diagnose the problem over the phone, give you an estimate of the cost and dispatch a service locksmith right away. Day and Night.

Q. How fast will the locksmith be on site?

A. A locksmith will be with you about 15-60 minutes after your call. Once we’ve contacted our locksmith, our office will ring you back with an exact arrival time, so there will be no numbing wait at all!

Q. Will the job get finished in one visit?

A. Yes. Occasionally, however, specialist equipment may be required which may have to be ordered in. You will quite possibly have been advised of that by the locksmith who answered your phone call.

Q. How much does it cost to get a locksmith out?

A. Our office staff will give you an estimate of the likely cost over the phone, before you book our locksmith. The actual cost depends on the problem and the cost of the (replacement) locks, if you need any.

Please bear in mind that we don’t charge by the hour but for the whole job – no matter how long it might take.

Q. Is there a call-out charge?

A. No, we don’t have a call-out charge. However, if you’ve booked a locksmith and don’t need him any more when he arrives, we’ll charge you a flat fee of €30 payable on the spot.

Q. How long will the job take?

A. Normally, locksmith jobs take minutes rather than hours.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect that fitting a lock from scratch can take up to an hour, opening a slammed-shut door via the letterbox is likely to take seconds.

Access control installations can run into days, repairs of all kinds generally tend to go very quickly.

Q. What do I do after a burglary?

A. It is usually best to contact the police and, if applicable, your home or buildings insurance, BEFORE calling out a repair locksmith. The guards prefer to assess the crime site before a locksmith starts his work.

What are examples of pre-planned, pre-scheduled work types?

  • Repossessions (meet with bailiff)
  • Lock change on communal entrance doors with prior distribution of keys to tenants
  • Many types of lock repairs
  • Lock change due to ownership change for commercial, private or industrial premises
  • Security and preventive maintenance surveys for office blocks
  • Security upgrades
  • Door replacement and door upgrade
  • Intercom systems installation
  • Access control installation

Q. How does a locksmith open locks?

A. A locksmith has a set of tools to open different types of locks and doors.

If a door has been slammed shut, it should be relatively easy to open that door without damage to the lock.

If the lock has been locked with a key, the locksmith will assess whether the lock is ‘pickable’ or needs to be drilled open.

Q. What about key cutting?

A. We cut a lot of keys and are very experienced in this field.

Key cutting as a copy of an original

Key cutting to code numbers (keys for office furniture, keys for letter-boxes, cash-boxes, locker-keys, front-door keys etc)

Key cutting for high security keys, copy-protected keys and master keys. Usually, various authentication and authorisation procedures have to be followed to order security keys.

Presentation keys, such as large brass ceremonial keys, or keys in bulk for corporate marketing purposes, such as treasure hunts and other competitions.